The mission statement of Naturopathic Earth is to:

  • Advocate for a naturopathic, holistic approach to emotional and physical wellness in lieu of the traditional allopathic (“drugs and surgery first”) mentality that typically only cure or mask the symptoms and not address the underlying malady.
  • Bring awareness to millennia-held tools of wellness such as homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbalism, yoga, acupuncture, and Eastern practices that have been stifled and eschewed by the mainstream medical establishment.
  • Advocate a Paleo-aligned lifestyle vis-à-vis food, exercise, and optimal living
  • Provide the cutting-edge information and bio-hacks regarding the most efficient methods for weight loss management and overall wellness.
  • Provide tools for mental health balance and mindfulness, a lack of which leads
    self-destructive tendencies such as emotional eating.
  • Shine light on the environmental and food toxins that deleteriously affect our well-being.
  • Provide an open and honest forum for naturopathic-centric podcasts such as Confessions of an Obese Child (for formerly overweight children) and Naturopathic Earth podcasts.
  • Offer elucidative wellness, nutrition, and biohack articles  to optimize overall wellness.

We here at Naturopathic Earth would love your feedback!






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