#168: Biohacking the “January Blues” & SAD

by Gregory
Biohacking the "January Blues" & SAD

Time for Biohacking the “January Blues” & SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  In this episode, Gregory discusses why January is the “bluest” month of the year. With the continuing darkness, cold weather, receipt of overspending at Christmas, marital fighting during the holidays, and New Years Resolution, January may be a rough time. Gregory discusses “Blue Monday” the most depressed day of the year, January 8th “Divorce Day” and ways to biohack your way through the cold months and mitigate Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Biohacking the “January Blues” & SAD

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Listen to Holistic Health News episode on Ways To Biohack Mild Depression.

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Join us when we start talking about biohacking the “January Blues” & SAD?  Do you find January to be the hardest month for you?  If so, listen to see ways you can ameliorate that experience.  Find Gregory at “Albert Gregory” on FB and IM him.

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