#170: Purge Your Kitchen Of Toxic Foods w/ Kate McCall

by Gregory
Purge your kitchen of toxic foods

Time to Purge your kitchen of toxic foods! In this Holistic Health News episode, Gregory is joined by co-creator of Naturopathic Earth, Kate McCall, to discuss the most efficient way to purge your pantry of inflammatory and toxic food staples and what items to add to your pantry with which to replace. The duo discuss cooking oils, packaged foods such as cereals, chips, desserts, and more. At the end, they go off-topic to discuss TV, Movies and More.

Purge your kitchen of toxic foods

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We have three podcasts in the Naturopathic Earth family. The flagship is Naturopathic Earth Radio & Holistic Health News. In it, we cover a wide gamut of topics from clean eating/weight loss tips, to medical malfeasance and conspiracies, natural remedies, mental health disorders, and other germane medical news topics.

Confessions of an Obese Child podcast is a sanctuary for those who grew up fat and have lingering issues with disordered eating, addiction, and other residual trauma from their youth. The first 20 episodes, Gregory chooses certain memorable experiences and presents it as a vignette (e.g. The Swimming Pool, The Competitive Eater, The Gym Class).

Later he discusses vestigial effects from growing up obese such as lingering self-loathing, emotional eating, dysfunctional relationships, and more. He interviews former obese people as well. Confessions is an ideal podcast for anyone dealing with addiction of any sort.

Katie’s Essential Oil Apothecary deals with aromatherapy. Hosted by Kate McCall, she delves into practical usages for the most popular essential oils. In Season 1, she covered lavender, lemon, peppermint, and frankincense.

Let’s purge your kitchen of toxic foods. In particular this episode focuses on the pantry. A future one will deal with the fridge.

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