#180: 7 Reasons You WANT to Avoid Long-Term Relationships

by Gregory
WANT to Avoid Long-Term Relationships

In this episode of Holistic Health News, Gregory discusses reasons you WANT to Avoid Long-Term Relationships. Instead of focusing on not being in a long-term relationship (LTRT) he exhorts the single people to focus on the innumerable positives of not being encumbered by a significant other (SO). Among the benefits mentioned are independence/autonomy (not to be overstated), more money, not having to deal with your SOs mental health issues/addictions, the lowering of your own IQ and testosterone and more. He answers the common retorts “What about the sex?” and “I don’t want to die alone.” He discusses how most couples, certainly in their 40s and higher, are defined as sexless marriages. And he posits the questions “Is sex worth all the negative aspects of being with someone?”

You WANT to Avoid Long-Term Relationships! Gregory discusses some cogent reasons why it might be good for you to be single. We tend to become so morose during Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Day or our birthday when we don’t have a significant other (SO). In this episode he talks about the emotional, financial, and psychological benefits of remaining indefinitely single.

You WANT to Avoid Long-Term Relationships

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You WANT to Avoid Long-Term Relationships. Listen to the pod to see why.

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