What Are Your Excuses For Not Doing Daily Exercise?

by Gregory

What Are Your Excuses For Not Doing Daily Exercise?  This is an important question to ask.  Now many would state that daily exercise is not needed for overall wellness, much less weight loss and maintenance.  The stats disagree with you.   Per the CDC, the average American needs 150 minutes to moderate activity a week.   That’s 25 minutes a day of moderate exercise.  Are you telling me you can’t find that time in your day?

What Are Your Excuses For Not Doing Daily Exercise?


Humans will rationalize all behavior.  “I don’t have the time” is the common excuse for those who do not exercise daily.  But let’s be intellectually honest.  You have the time to watch Netflix or browse on social media or do a bunch of inane things, like watch porn.  It is all a question of prioritizing time.  What we prioritize shows what we think is important in our life.

Why Do I Need To Exercise?

Some would state “I don’t need to exercise for I’m in good shape.”  That is a solid point.  If you are obese, you definitely should be exercising to burn calories.  But even regular-weighted people should be exercising.  Why?  Because exercise strengthens your heart and improves cardiovascular health.  The stronger your heart is, the longer you will live.  The better your cardiovascular health, the better chance you won’t die of a heart attack, aneurysm, or stroke.  So we should all be exercising daily.

I get it.  Some people must do a long commute and don’t get home to late.  At that point, you will need to adjust your daily life.  During your lunch hour, you can go for a brisk walk for 25 minutes.  You can wake up early in the morning and do your walk or run then.  Or after work, to let off some work stress (or family stress).    Where there is a will, there is a way.  Great Awakened Man episode on walking!

If you are obese, you MUST make exercise a priority.  You know this.  I get it.  You might be discouraged.  You might be depressed that you are fat.  But how is that mindset helping you?  It’s not.  It is a negativistic mindset which is hamstringing you.

Start slowly if you are out of shape.  When I was fat, I couldn’t even run a half a lap.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Start slow with daily walks and some core workouts.  Push-ups on your knees, for example.  And as you get in a better shape, you do more.  Eventually, you can be running 5 miles a day.  I have been running for so many years, I have run the circumference of the globe!

You can do it.  You must do it. What Are Your Excuses For Not Doing Daily Exercise?  None that are legitimate. I don’t want you dying young.  You CAN DO IT!

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