4 Reasons To Begin Blogging Today

by Gregory

With today’s technology there is absolutely no reason not to begin blogging today.  Whether it be a written blog or a video blog, there are myriad benefits that come from it.  Here are 4 Reasons To Begin Blogging Today!

4 Reasons To Begin Blogging Today

It’s Cathartic

Letting it out is good for your mental health

The main reason, in my humble opinion, is that it is cathartic.  What do I mean by that?  We all have pent up feelings and emotions that we accumulate throughout our day, week, and life.  With many people, these emotions may be negative and can lead to some destructive behaviors, such as overeating, drinking booze, negativistic thoughts and so many more.

Blogging is a way to let it out.  Get those emotions out of your body.  The cathartic release will help you feel better, just like punching your pillow, screaming inside your car, talking to a priest about what is troubling you, exercising and other cathartic things. Blogging is cathartic!

It’s Good For Your Intellect

Use it or lose it!  We know this expression for exercise and movement in general.  Think of atrophy of muscles.  Well, your brain is a muscle as well in this regard.  Daily writing keeps our intellect and intellectual faculties churning by do daily writing (and daily reading).

You Might Help Someone

Don’t get frustrated. Your words might save someone

The things you want to get off your chest might actually help others.  We don’t really think about this as the primary reason must people blog is to exorcise issues or demons in which they struggle, but others who might read it might get something out of it.  If you are blogging about depression, anxiety, break up, addiction issues and alike, you could be a beacon of light to others.  Think of celebrities or musicians who openly discuss these things in interviews, movies, or songs, people laud them for being so brave.  Why are you any different?  Your opinion and experiences are just as important.

You Might Make Some Money

This isn’t 2005, but it is possible to make money off on an online blog.  If your content really relates to others, and you create content often, and the SEO (search engine optimization) is just right, and you happen to have a little luck, you could make some money.

Some people now do daily blogging not by typing but by speaking, a la social outlets like Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram and other places. Those sites today are likely a better place to monetize and I won’t discount that speaking your issues or ideas can be cathartic as well.  Ideally you could do both, but writing is still preferred for me.

Why is that?  Writing harkens me back to illustrious authors of the past like Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas, and others.  There is a certain throwback beauty to it, especially when it is in the written hand with calligraphy and nice stationary.  But today, use the technology that we have and begin an online one.

4 Reasons To Begin Blogging Today

What a great gift to give to your children later?

There is no excuse not to do it.  There are several free sites to begin daily writing, such as Wordpress.  And many of these sites offer plenty of graphics and features like beautiful designs to make your words truly come to life.  It is a win-win.  Just start today and your mental health will improve, your intellect will remain sharp and you might make some money.  God bless!

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