Naturopathic Earth Story

by Gregory


Sadly, America is the most overweight it has ever been in its history.  That rise mirrors the precipitous correlative rise of cancer, cardiovascular, auto-immune, and endocrine maladies, in particular the Metabolic Syndrome diseases of Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.  We at Naturopathic Earth feel these illnesses diminish and shorten the life of Americans daily and put an inordinate burden on the economy.  

Why is it that when we spend billions on gym memberships, diet programs, and “healthy” foods, we seem to be less healthy than ever?  One word: Ignorance.  We have been given a faulty paradigm for health and wellness for nearly half a century. Despite our best intentions, it is exceedingly difficult to lose weight and even more arduous to maintain it. 

I was a morbidly obese child and adolescent.  I weighed approx. 280 lbs. at age 14 and boasted a size 54 waist.  Only by the grace of God and the serendipitous intervention of a P.E. coach did I moderate my binge eating ways to lose the weight. (Click here to read my story.)  I have maintained my weight for over a quarter-of-a-century, but it was not easy.  I still turned to emotional eating and constant hours of purge exercising to desperately cling to my newfound freedom from the stigma of obesity.  I was petrified I would return.  (The vicissitudes of my weight loss journey is all chronicled in my “Confessions of an Obese Child” blog and podcast.)  

Through my years of endeavoring to maintain my weight did I stumble upon naturopathic principles.  Like Alice going through the rabbit hole, my eyes were opened to a world that existed for millennia, but has been largely stifled for over a century.  The concept that proper nutrition, herbalism, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and alike

Gregory at 15

could both prevent and treat disease discombobulated me.  But it also triggered in me the notion of “Well that makes sense!”  We used the aforementioned principles for centuries to maintain wellness effectively.

With the advent of pharmacopeia the questions arises “Why do we need to eschew naturopathic ideals for pharmaceutical ones?”  We at Naturopathic Earth believe you don’t.  We feel that you should turn to naturopathic/holistic methods FIRST before turning to Big Pharma and their answers.  Any reasonable person involved in Integrative Medicine will tell you a place exists for drugs, but let’s exhaust all naturopathic resources


first.  Nevertheless, if anyone is taking medications, you should definitely engage the naturopathic methods to either optimize or minimize the deleterious adverse effects of the medications.  (Please see our mission statement.)

Our goal at Naturopathic Earth is to be a beacon for those who are choosing to embrace naturopathy.   The wellness articles (we strive to publish one a day) are there to help you make better food choices and choose biohacks that optimizes weight-loss, increased mindfulness, and better overall living.

We here at Naturopathic Earth subscribe to two mottos: “Let food be thy medicine…Let the earth provideth.” and “Whole Body, Whole Mind, Whole Life.”  Both epitomize the naturopathic/holistic mindset well.

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A. Gregory Luna (Call me Gregory)- Co-Founder of Naturopathic Earth (formerly Integravita Wellness)