Health Coach Pricing

by Gregory

Health Coaching Options

I offer various health consultant plans:

One Session $150 60 mins

This one-off session involves you completing a lifestyle questionnaire prior to the session. It is vital for creating awareness of the areas that need attention. The session will be held over Skype and you will get a clear list of inspired action plans to empower you to fine tune your well-being. Includes a 15 min follow-up session a month later.

Primal Health Coaching $100 per session 60 mins

This is the most effective way to implement and maintain lifestyle changes. I will meet with you once-every-2-weeks for three months (six sessions) with support in-between sessions. As well as completing the questionnaire, you will complete short worksheets each session to maximize your ability to sustain your new healthy lifestyle choices. Primal Health Coaching starts with food but branches out into all aspects of your life. We will focus on food, movement, lifestyle, and mindset. A competent Health Coach is like a catalyst for positive change in your life empowering you to get your health back and live your best life.   My exercise motto is “Shock the body!  Move the body!”  No deprivation or grueling workouts…just a lot of movement with occasional strength training.

Life Coaching – $100 per session 60 mins

Once you have completed the Primal Health Coaching course you will likely want to keep in touch monthly (or whenever you like) to check in, have someone to be accountable to, help you keep on track and stop you falling “off the wagon.”   Many clients experience life transformations after going Paleo or Clean Eating and use these sessions to make sure they are staying “on-task.”

Read my weight-loss story below to see why I can take you to the next level.

From Obese to Fit- My quarter-of-a-century success

Fat Albert at 15

“Fat Albert” at 15

I was an overweight child and teenager.  I weighed 80 lbs. in kindergarten and 260 lbs. (with a size 54 waist) as an upperclassman in high school.  Only by the providence of God did I have the opportunity to lose my weight.My parents futilely sent me to dietitians and weight loss groups, but I simply wasn’t ready.  Despite being ceaselessly ridiculed at school (my first name is Albert which unfortunately was the portly title character of the 80’s Bill Cosby cartoon) I subconsciously didn’t want to give up my binge eating.  It was my solace.  Food was there for me.  It didn’t talk back to me or reject me.

I loathed shopping at Big and Tall stores, seeing the looks of people when my parents would introduce me to them, and contemplating a future where I would never have a first kiss, much less experience intimacy with a woman.  To be honest, I was a cutter and even contemplated suicide.  I cover all of these in my Confessions of an Obese Child blog and podcast.

My senior year, a new P.E. coach was hired at my school (back when high schools fostered that now-foreign concept of “physical education.”)  His name was Willie Webster.  Unlike previous coaches who either ignored me or were repulsed by my morbid obesity, he took interest in me.  He candidly, yet sympathetically, stated that I was going to have a heartache of a life and die young.  He told me he would help me.  His former words reinforced what I already knew, but to know someone was there for me gave me a bolt of confidence.   He didn’t mince words, nor was he easy on me pushing me to exercise until I nearly vomited.  Slowly I lost a few pounds, and then a few more, and then a few more. Emboldened by this development, my parents purchased a gym membership for me and I began to StairMaster daily. With the weight loss and coach’s passionate involvement, I began to eat better.  Now by no means was I eating anything close to a Paleo-aligned diet, but the days  of 4 Big Macs, 2 fries, and 2 pints of ice cream for dinner were gone…at least for a while.  By the end of my senior year, I had lost my weight!   Now began the more difficult part of weight management. (That ordeal I will blog in the 2nd half of the Confessions series.)

My Credentials

In the last quarter-of-a-century I have maintained my weight through proper nutrition and sensible exercise (among other things). During that time I have obtained multiple degrees and worked in both ER and Urgent Care settings.  My love of imparting nutritional information, coupled with my interested in instilling the youth of today with sound wellness principles, impelled me to become a high school educator, teaching the medical and nutrition classes.

I know have a forum to dispense sound wellness principles and dispel the numerous nutritional obfuscations and outright lies by which we have all been inundated.  Because of this deceit, this generation will be more unhealthy and obese and boast a shorter life expectancy t

Nuts are pivotal in the Paleo world

Nuts are pivotal in the Paleo world.

han the previous one, the first time in nearly one hundred years.  We must reach the children at their youth.

My weight maintenance has also been spurred through extensive research as to the root causes of obesity and to the environment factors that predispose us to retaining fat.   As a Certified Primal Health and National Health Coach Association coach, I have access to cutting-edge research to help you shed weight and optimize your potential.  Just as important, I can empathize with your struggle since I was there, something that 20-something trainers or even middle-age marathon runners can’t do.  You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who has lost the amount of weight I have and maintained it for a quarter-of-a-century.

My Plan

I have a 21-day Paleo/Primal plan that will incrementally take you from where you are to where you need to be.  The plan covers easy-to-take steps on nutrition, exercise, and general mindfulness.  You will not be inundated with unfeasible action plans and unrealistic expectations.  To change your lifestyle we must slowly tackle the psychological obstacles that have been impeding your goals up to this point in your life.

I partly created Naturopathic Earth to be your Coach Webster.  I would like to be your mentor, counselor, and friend.   Through my wellness articles and Confessions blog I hope to give all who have struggled with these problems a secure and non-judgmental sanctuary from which to share your stories as well as arm you with the tools to guide you on your path to optimal living.

I am available for one-on-one (sit down or preferably walking), video, or phone consulting. If all your other dieting escapades have failed and you are at your wit’s end, give me a shot.  If you implement and adhere to Naturopathic Earth‘s consulting principles you will get healthier.  “Shock the body…move the body!”

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A. Gregory Luna (call me Gregory please)