11 Quick, Easy Ways To Reduce Hormone Disruptors From Your Life

by Gregory
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You hear daily news reports about how the rates of infertility are skyrocketing in the Western World.  You also hear about the rise in cancer and autoimmune rates.  (One in two men in America will be diagnosed with cancer; 1 in three women.)

One contributing factor to these aforementioned problems is the overabundance of hormone disruptors to which we are exposed on a daily basis.  Why are hormone disruptors bad for us?  Simply, the body does a good job of maintaining homeostasis, that is keeping a great feedback loop where nothing is too high or low and everything runs smoothly.  Excess exogenous (or outside) hormones introduced from these outside sources can throw off “the thermostat” that is homeostasis and put excess amounts of xenoestrogens (foreign) in the blood supply.  This wreaks havoc on our body.

This deviation from the norm is best demonstrated in the sex hormones. In particular, in women this can lead to higher rates of estrogen and progesterone which lead to higher rates of breast and reproductive cancers as well as infertility. In men, lower sperm count.

(Listen to our NPE Radio episode on this topic. Read a great GQ article titled Sperm Count Zero on this topic.)

So we definitely want to reduce hormone disruptors. Here are some easy ways to do so.

Plastic Bottles

All plastics, not just Bisphenol A (BPA) contain hormone disrupting chemicals. Don’t be deceived.

Plastic bottles are disposable and convenient, but at what cost? Water, soda, tea, energy drinks all come in plastic. That fluid is leeching off the plasticizer in the plastic container so when you drink the beverage you are drinking the plastic. Solution: Only drink from glass bottles. Keep using glass bottles as water bottles. Use Yeti or stainless steel drinking containers for water consumption. Click HERE to purchase one on Amazon.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are commonly used to warm up food in the microwave. All plastics deteriorate over time, but when heating that deterioration accelerates. Solution: Toss them all and only warm up foods in glass or ceramic.

BPA in cans?

Canned Goods

All canned goods are lined with BPA unless otherwise stated. The soups, vegetables, fruits, beans and alike are swimming in this notorious hormone disruptor all day, all night until you consume it and take it in. Solution: Buy fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables or glass alternatives of soups, pasta sauce and alike.


Plastic toys are one of the most innocuous of these hormone disruptors since skin absorption is at a slower rate than ingestion. That being said commonly wash your kids hands after they play with the toys, discourage them from putting it in their mouths, or invest in wooden toys.

“BPA Free” means “BPS Laden”

Baby products

BPA has been banned from baby products like bottles, teething rings and alike, but that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from putting in another type of plasticizer, like Bisphenol S. Minimize plastic exposure especially when giving babies formula/milk. Solution: use glass bottles. They are easy to find on Amazon. Click HERE to buy some now. Never, ever warm up plastic baby bottles.

Click HERE to read our articles on plastics. Click HERE to listen to our NPE Radio episode on them.


The large majority of makeup in America contain a hormone disruptor called Parabens. Parabens are used as a preservative to keep makeup from going stale. (Yes, makeup can go bad!) Solution: Buy “paraben-free” products or at the least wear less conventional makeup.


Phthalates are a type of chemical that is used to soften products. They are found everywhere…in backpacks, foods, toys, and a host of consumer products. Solution: Wear latex gloves all day. Just kidding, but really we are SOL here.

Plastic and Aluminum Wraps

You guessed it. Toss them. Solution: Cover your food with a paper towel instead.


Pesticides are as common as those Starbucks. They are sprayed not only on our fruits and vegetables, but only the feed that are cows, chickens, and EVEN fish consume. Pesticides, the most notorious being Round-Up (glyphosate), are linked to cancer, allergies, autoimmune problems, as well as hormone problems. Solution: Buy organic as much as you can.

(Click HERE to read our article on the most-pesticide and least-pesticide produce.)


Eat less soy. Now you might think “Gregory, I don’t eat a lot of edamame and tofu, or even drink soy milk.” This might be true, but soybean oil is found in a very large majority of processed snacks and foods. (It is also GMO by the way.) Solution: Soy is estrogenic in large amounts so limit your ingestion of it.


Non-stick pans have chemicals sprayed on them called PFOAs. When heated these chemicals become active resulting not only in the inhalation of them, but ingestion of them via the food. Non-stick cookware is being phased out in America (it has already been done in the EU), but until then toss them out in lieu of stainless steel, aluminum, or PFOA-free pans. Click HERE to buy some on Amazon. (Click HERE to listen to our NPE Radio episode on them.)

Eliminating the aforementioned from your life might seem like a lot of work and perhaps you might think it is not worth the effort. Don’t delude yourself…it is worth it. Your health is worth it and any action that results in you lowering your chances of acquiring cancer and a host of other maladies caused by hormone disruptors is certainly worth it.  One step at a time….


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