Disturbing Facts About Psychotropic Drugs

by Gregory
Disturbing Facts About Psychotropic Drugs

Given that the name of the site is Naturopathic Earth, I am not a big fan of pharmaceutical drugs. Too many side effects and not enough efficacy. Furthermore, we have several Holistic Health News (HHN) podcasts on Big Pharma coverups of insidious side effects and the revolving door between drug executives and our watchdog agencies, like the FDA and CDC. Again, not a big fan of drugs. But in particular, psychotropic medications. Let’s talk some Disturbing Facts About Psychotropic Drugs.

Who is “watching over” us if the watchers have a major conflict of interest?

Disturbing Facts About Psychotropic Drugs

What are psychotropic drugs? These are the drugs that are used to “treat” mental health conditions, like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, etc. These are strong medications to say the least, many of which like the antipsychotic drugs (e.g. Risperdal, Abililify, Halidol) were only used on asylum patients. Now they are commonly used for depression.

Before we begin looking at some disturbing facts about psychotropic drugs, let’s talk about some classic side effects of psychotropic drugs.

Suicidal & Homocidal Ideation

The worse of the Disturbing Facts About Psychotropic Drugs. This shocks some people but it, alas, is true. If you read the inserts for many of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) drugs, such as Prozac and Paxil, you will see it clearly stated that there is an increased chance of one contemplating suicide and the harming of others. You may also hear it in the commercial for these drugs as well as they quickly read through the side-effects.

Though never heard about it in the mainstream media, a large majority of the school and workplace shooters were on these medications. If you need proof of this assertion, I strongly recommend you watch this YOUTUBE video. Also, we have an HHN episode on the School Shooting/Psychiatric Drug connection.

This HHN episode will open your eyes!

Other Side Effects

Let’s continue investigating some Disturbing Facts About Psychotropic Drugs. Other side effects that are admitted on the inserts for psychotropic drugs are weight gain, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, seizures, liver damage and more. These are just a few of the side effects!

(And these drugs are not the only ones that cause weight gain and sex problems. Check out our HHN episode on the 15 Medications That May Make You Gain Weight and one on how Hair Loss Drugs Are Linked To Sexual Dysfunction.)

So clearly none of us want to have these side effects so let’s avoid these psychotropic medications. Another reason to avoid them is that most are no MORE EFFECTIVE THAN PLACEBO when treating mild to moderate depression.

This is perhaps the most of the Disturbing Facts About Psychotropic Drugs. They have done studies in the past proving this, but you rarely hear it in the mainstream media given Big Pharma’s influence. Check out this quick Canadian Broadcasting Channel’s news clip for verification.

So you take these psychotropic, loaded with side effects, and they don’t even work? Are you kidding me! But again you don’t hear about this because media is bought off by Big Business. You must rely on smaller outlets to get this sort of information. (Check out HHN’s episode on how medical school curriculum is largely determined by Big Pharma through its “generous” grants to these schools.)

Disturbing Numbers

So we really don’t want to be taking these drugs unless absolutely necessary for severe depression. But the truth is billions of dollars are made ANNUALLY by Big Pharma for people taking these drugs for mild depression. People take these drugs because they are impressionable and have the utmost faith in their medical doctor. Plus they are propagandized daily by Big Pharma commercials, not to mention that most people know very little about holistic health and naturopathy.

We here at NPE promote naturopathy of course. And certainly for depression. We have a HHN episode on natural biohacks to remedy mild depression. But here is the thing. When you bring up natural remedies most people laugh it off and don’t believe it works without even doing the research to see if it does.

This is how much Big Pharma has gotten into their minds. They believe drugs is the only way to cure someone of anything. And they say this while they lament the fact they are on 8 medications and are beleaguered by numerous ailments. They don’t make the connection.

Who Is Prescribing?

So let’s look at some even more Disturbing Facts About Psychotropic Drugs. 70% of Americans who are prescribed them are given to them by a non-psychiatrist. Why is this a problem? Psychiatrists are trained for several years in pharmacology and are more-acquainted with the side effects and withdrawal effects of these medications.

So who prescribes these horrible medications? Mostly urgent care and primary care physicians along with gynecologists. While I can understand the convenience and ease by which to get these medications from these aforementioned doctors, it comes with some peril. These doctors, while no doubt bright and earnest, are not nearly as familiar with pharmacology as psychiatrists. This is a major problem.

Who is monitoring?

More Disturbing Facts About Psychotropic Drugs…About 66% of people on these drugs are NOT BEING MONITORED BY A HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist. Why is this a problem? As we have established, these drugs are powerful and boast numerous serious side effects. If you are being properly monitored by, let’s say a psychiatrist, he/she can check on you every 4-6 months to see if the meds are working and if they have any debilitating side effects. This is reasonable.

But most Americans are not being monitored at all. They are getting these drugs from the aforementioned primary care doctors who know little about pharmacology. And most of these doctors one would not have a follow up appointment for minimum one year (like year health checkups or “lady” exams) or in the case of urgent care doctors, never. You will never see them again.

What does this result in? We have millions of Americans are medications that increase your chances of killing yourself and others (along with the other side effects) and no one is checking up on them to see if they have are presenting these side effects and oh yes… perhaps just as important…to see if the drugs are actually working! This system is poised to be highly destructive for those taking them.


I want to be clear. I’m not saying one should NEVER take these strong medications. What I’m saying is that we should exhaust all NATUROPATHIC treatments prior to going down this road to Big Pharma. These drugs are fraught with major problems and the questions broached about their efficacy are legitimate.

And we haven’t even addressed the issue with the withdrawal and habit-forming effects of these drugs. Many people get on antidepressants with the expressed interest to get off of them after their depressive episode (death of loved one/pet or breakup) is gone. But they attempt to get off of these drugs when the time is right, yet the withdrawal side effects are so pronounced that they just stay on the drug to avoid them. And this could be for years, if not decades! Big Pharma knows this, and trust me, they are gleeful that you might have to take them for decades. Money, money, money!

The habit forming issue is just as serious. Benzodiazepines, like Valium, Xanax, and Ativan, along with the opioids like Hydrocodone and Fentanyl, are highly addictive. As well as some of the antidepressants and ADHD drugs. So you could be taking Xanax for a short-term reason, like you are worried about giving a big speech, and end up on this drug indefinitely. And we are only tangentially discussing the prevalence of the recreational use of these drugs on high school and college campuses.

All of the aforementioned fear me to death. These drugs are strong so let’s avoid all mental health drugs as best as we can. Let’s not get anxious or depressed (easier said than done) but we know social media usage is directly connected to depression. Same may be said of lack of exercise and a high sugar diet. So let’s keep this in mind when ruminating on ways to avoid these mental health problems.

Let’s just try to live as holistic and Paleo lifestyle as possible. Eat clean, get sunlight, sleep well, surround yourself with positive family members and friends. All of these will minimize your chances of getting depressed and thus allow you to avoid these horrific drugs.

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