The Beauty of Wellness Coaching

by Gregory
beauty of wellness coaching

“Coaching” has become a big phenomenon in this millennium.  Prior to that, it was practically unheard of to have a life coach, health coach, wellness coach, relationship coach, etc.  What has led to the growth and awareness of this “guru” niche?  And in particular, what is the beauty of wellness coaching?

Before we get to the beauty of wellness coaching, let’s take the growth.  The growth of coaching, I surmise, has been caused by a number of factors.  Primarily, it is a money-making enterprise.  Coaches of all ilk create their own independent business where they are essentially consultants.  They make their own products, own hours, and determine the path of their business.  This mentality is certainly liberating and somewhat intoxicating for those who want to be the “maker of their destiny.”  As a consultant, you don’t have overhead nor do any of your profits go to utilities, payroll, etc.  You pocket what you make. 

These enterpreneurs also see the tea leaves vis-à-vis wellness and want to take advantage of the situation…not necessarily in a bad way.  We know that Americans are the most unhealthy both physically and mentally than ever in recorded history.  We are also suffering from stagnant wages and a lackluster economy for most of the socioeconomic strata. 

In other words, we are in bad shape on all indicators.  We are overweight, disease-ridden, depressed, and unhappy with our jobs. (I love my job incidentally as a teacher though it has some challenges.)

Crohn's Disease, Opioid Addiction
They can help you abate leaky gut issues with the microbiome.

So you have these two factors coming together.  There was a saying that to sell a product you must be the proffer the solution to a problem in which you have identified.  There are numerous problems with American’s well-being right now.  Indubitably….so these coaches come in to offer their services.  Services they hope will make them have a nice standard of living as an independent consultant.  Presto!  Peanut butter meet jelly!  

Before we truly hit the beauty of wellness coaching per se, let’s focus on why coaches are popular to the consumer.  In short, it taps into our need to be heard and to be catered to.  Akin to why talk therapy, journaling (Read our article on the Benefits of Journaling.), or even talking to a pastor/priest is so helpful, having a coach at your disposal is cathartic. 

It is cathartic and releasing to have someone there to vent your particular frustration, whether it be your job or what you ate for dinner.  We, humans, are social creatures.  We like to be able to vent our frustrations and issues with others.  In particular, this is more prescient with women as men are more apt to suppress their emotions.  Either way, the need to vent has helped grow the coaching industry.

Beauty of Wellness Coaching

obese child #30
A shrink…a guru…a friend

So let’s talk about the beauty of wellness coaching.  Does everybody need a health/wellness coach?  No.  Would it hurt someone to have one?  Likely not.  Let’s leave the life/relationship coaching behind and focus on physical health. 

As I stated in How I Lost Over 100 pounds & Kept It Off For 25 + Years: Excerpt 1, we all know what we need to do to lose weight or maintain an ideal weight.  We know what foods, as a whole, lead to optimal nutrition (i.e. produce and quality meats) and which don’t (fast food, fried foods, and most middle aisle processed foods.) 

Yes, people try to biohack the system by finding and using the newest fad diet.  And yes sometimes those crash, quirky diets lead to weight loss, but they rarely lead to weight maintenance.  So since we know what foods we should eat, why don’t we eat them?

This is a complicated answer.  Though we are talking about the beauty of wellness coaching, this answer could be better found with a therapist or life/relationship coach.  Why do we self-sabotage?  Why do we emotionally eat?  If you listen to my Confessions of an Obese Child podcast, you would know the answer to this question, at least with me.  It deals with trauma, either as a young child or later in your adolescent years. 

Sure you could blame the rise of obesity on mass advertising, the “food porn” they use to entice us, the loads of toxic preservatives in the food, the breakdown of the family, etc, but that doesn’t truly answer the question.  Just like with alcoholism.  There are certain people who can have a drink once a month or so and then there are those who can’t go a day without one.  What leads us to be in the former or the latter?

Trauma.  Trauma at a young age wounds us deeply.  Either absentee parents, or abuse, something threw off our normal development.  So we search for a coping mechanism to numb the pain.  For me, it was unhealthy food. 

So that is the beauty of wellness coaching.  When you utilize a wellness coach, you have a guru who can not only design eating plans to help optimize your health, advise you to eschew the innumerable toxins in the food/home that sabotage our health, and more.  But they can be your “mini-counselor” who can help you talk out some of the reasons you might binge eat or at the least emotionally eat.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we must do the “deep work” by introspecting and retrospecting to uncover the deep trauma that you may have that keeps undermining not just your eating habits, but you your work life and relationships. Listen to the Holistic Health News episode above to learn more.

The beauty of wellness coaching is simple.  They are there to be all you need to help you recover your youthful zest, to find your new path, and/or to purge yourself of your past demons.  Good wellness coaches are there for you whenever you need them.  Like an accountability buddy, they are just a text away for you to solicit nutritional help, cry on their shoulder, yell at the top your lungs, and more. 

Last thing. The price.  Yes, many wellness coaches charge $80 visit or have monthly “unlimited” plans of over a few hundred dollars.  This is price prohibitive for the poor, but for many middle and upper class Americans who can afford it it is a worthy investment.  Gym memberships are easily around $100 a month and many times you don’t need it.  You can simply run, walk, or hike outdoors but we justify the price.

Wellness coaching is the same.  It is worth the price because PREVENTION OF DISEASE IS CHEAPER THAN THE TREATMENT.  Hospitalization, costly drugs, chemotherapy, and alike will deplete your monetary reserves like there is no tomorrow.  Chemotherapy drugs can cost as much as $2,000 a month!  It is better to prevent yourself from getting sick than the cost and pain of treating it.  Simple as that.

As a caveat emptor, coaches cannot dispense medical advice nor diagnose you. They are sages along the path best utilized when you are working intimately with a naturopath, chiropractor, or MD.

If you want more answers to common questions about why a wellness coach would be good for you, check out my very first article I wrote for Naturopathic Earth back in January 2017 when the site was created. 

Check out my pricing HERE. God bless!

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