#188: Tattoo Ink Links To Cancer; Inked People Higher Rate of Mental Illness, Infidelity, High-Risk Behavior

by Gregory
tattoo inks links to cancer

Tattoo inks links to cancer & other conditions! In this episode we talk about tattooing. We discuss its widespread proliferation the last decade. Most importantly, we discuss the questionable chemicals used in tattoo ink and there links to cancer. While tattoo parlors are regulated the FDA does not regulate the ink used in them.

Later we discuss a new study showing that those with tattoos exhibited higher rates of impulsive behavior, binge drinking, promiscuity, and severe mental health disorders. Though not too surprising, we discuss its implication. Lastly, Gregory gives advice to those considering getting a tattoo and to men who are considering getting in a long-term relationship with a sleeved woman.

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How concerned are you about tattoo ink links to cancer?

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