#226: C-Section Born Babies Have Higher Rate of Infections

by Gregory
C-Section Born Babies Have Higher Rate of Infections

In this episode of Holistic Health News, Gregory discusses a new UK study showing that babies born from C-sections have a higher rate of infections. A great compendium for this episode is Ep #71: 11 Reasons To Avoid C-Sections.

C-Section Born Babies Have Higher Rate of Infections?! In this episode of Holistic Health News we discuss the importance of the microbiome vis-à-vis birthing. A new study, which corroborates past studies, shows the importance of birthing a child vaginally, instead of C-section, because the mother’s bacteria will inhabit the child’s gut as the child is working its way through the vagina to be brought into this world.

C-Section Born Babies Have Higher Rate of Infections

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