Blaming Others Is For Pussies

by Gregory

Nothing drives me crazier than lack of accountability.  Nothing is more effeminate to me in a man than a man not taking responsibility for the actions he has done in his life.  To blame others is a sign of weakness and a complete lack of introspection, both of which are not quality that one should want.

This lack of accountability can apply in many facets of one’s life.  Let’s look at a few.


A “disease fairy” does not exist that comes knocking on your door to give you a disease at age 65.  It isn’t like the Angel of Death from Exodus who came to claim the life of all firstborn.  Most diseases that claim the lives of Americans stem from lifestyle choices.

We know that cardiovascular diseases (e.g. strokes, heart attacks, aneurysms) stem from hypertension, high LDL cholesterol, plaque buildup and alike.  These develop from a high sugar, high trans-fats, high processed food diet.  Cancer is pervasive in America, for 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime.  We know that a high sugar diet, alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep, and other lifestyle choices increase one’s chances of getting cancer. We cover many of these topics at The Awakened Man podcast.

So when you are diagnosed with _____ cancer or have a mild stroke at 60-years-of-age, you only have yourself to blame.  Sure you can get lung cancer and never smoke a day in your life or die in a car accident or drop dead of a heart attack while cycling, but as a whole a sedentary lifestyle eating crap foods increases your chances of getting a major malady.

When if/when you are diagnosed with a disease later in your life, blame yourself.  Chances are your choices throughout your life indubitably contributed to it.  Personally, my decades of binge eating and desecrating my body has been pernicious to it.  When I get a major illness, I will look in the mirror and be accountable for it.  Will you?  

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Another area is intersexual dynamics…dating.  It is so easy in the manosphere to blame women for all the problems in the world.  Yes, no doubt women today have been vitiated by radical feminism, situational ethics, sex positive movement and so much more.  

But remember, no one made you have women in your life.  You could have gone “monk.”  You made the choice to date and co-habit and marry the women who ended up being “Cluster B” crazies.  Yes, you might not have known they were that way in the beginning, but rest assured, the signs were there yet you choice to ignore them for a variety of reasons.  And if you don’t “Purge The Relationship Thirst” you will continue to make these decisions.

Yes, she cheated on you. Yes, she divorce raped you and took much of your assets. Yes, she took your kids from you and practices parental alienation, but ultimately the responsibility lies with you.  You said “I Do” on one level or another.  You believed in the “Unicorn NAWALT” and happily ever after.  Look in the mirror!

Personally, I pay 50% to child support.  I have 3 kids from my ex-wife and one from a rebound ex-fiancee. I could easily blame them for this plight, but regurgitate a litany of egregious offenses they committed against me.  But what is the point?  It doesn’t change the fact that I pay this amount and I rarely see my kids.  

Look In The Fuckin’ Mirror

I must be accountability for every decision I have made regarding my health and women.  When you don’t you reinforce a victim mentality.  Victim mentality is for pussies.  Learn from your mistakes and have a survivor and thriver mentality.  

Learn from your mistakes and optimize your MGTOW life.  Purge your childhood demons, your addictions and negativistic thinking, the idiotic blue-pill notion that your life in incomplete without a woman and thrive!

Most of all…look in the mirror and be accountable.  And also look in the mirror and remember you are a work in process…a process that will one day lead your to contentment, fulfillment, and MGTOW optimization.  

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