Every Day Is A New Day

by Gregory
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It’s A Beautiful Day

Wow, it has been some time since I’ve blogged here at Naturopathic Earth.  There was a time back in 2018-20 where I would blog daily, whether in the form of a recipe, a podcast episode, or an article.  I miss it.  I hope to write an article or two a week here in addition to the biweekly podcasts of the 3 feeds.

Why am I here today?  To remind you that every day is a new day.  Yes like Annie says “The sun will come out tomorrow!”  Yes I know it is hackneyed, but it is true.

Or like U2 sings “It’s a beautiful day!”  It truly is. Every day is a new gift from God.  Embrace it with the good and the bad.

Remember every twilight is followed by a dawn.

You might be in the doldrums….a nadir.  Maybe it has to do with relationships or an addiction.  Perhaps specifically it is food.  I will posit this question “What is the point of looking back at your past mistakes?”  “How does it benefit you?”

It really doesn’t.  Retrospecting and then cringing at our past actions, whether it be binge ________ or cheating on someone or whatever it may be, only serves as an impediment to self-improvement.  Yes, learn from the mistake but don’t get sucked into the quagmire of self-flagellation and shame.  All that leads to is self-loathing and more shame….and thus you are more likely to later indulge in that self-destructive behavior again.

Much of our demons stem from childhood.  Mine certainly do, as I chronicle in the podcast and book Confessions of an Obese Child.  For us to really get to true self-optimization, we must purge ourselves of our childhood demons.  That voice in your head that says “You are a bad boy/girl…you are piece of shit!”  That needs to be exorcised.  Once you do that, the vices and addictions that hamper you today have a better chance of going away.

How do you do that?  Good therapy.  Online therapy post-Covid is pretty easy to access and is affordable.  Use it!  Whatever it takes to get this proverbial “monkey off your back.”

Aside from therapy, do the little things daily.  Journaling, exercising, being sociable with people IN PERSON, eating well, and having a relationship with God.

Once you get a little momentum of doing this, the snowball will turn into an avalanche of success. Even if you stumble, eventually 2 steps forward and 1 step back leads to progress.  Remember that!

God bless!

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