The 20 Most-Effective Natural Remedies for Bad Breath You Must Try

by Gregory
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Scene: 1990, Unspecified suburban locale.  Your new love interest and you stroll out of the movie theater.  Patrick Swayze in Ghost just entranced your date.  You drive her home and uncomfortably walk her to the door.  You ponder if this will be the moment you share your first kiss.  As she struggles to open the door, you reach for your trusty spearmint-flavored Binaca spray. Aghast, you realize you left it at home!  Memories of an Italian dinner replete with garlic and cheese dreadfully enters the mind. Catastrophic thoughts rush through your head.  “How is my breath?!”

At the door you utter the perfunctory “Goodbye.”  You sense she wants you to kiss her, but you balk…fearful that your breath might be malodorous.  You hug her and walk away defeated and upset with yourself.  All of this could have been avoided if you knew of natural remedies for bad breath!

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Myriad factors contribute to bad breath.  The main culprit is poor dental hygiene resulting in cavities, gingivitis, or other periodontal disorders.  Bacteria love to munch on sugar so a high sugar/carb diet exacerbates bad breath.

Other Causes of bad breath

  1. Smoking
  2. Drinking alcohol
  3. Sleeping with your mouth open
  4. Not swishing saliva around throughout the day
  5. Reflux or intentional vomiting due to bulimia nervosa
  6.  Underlying digestive or respiratory maladies

Foods That May Exacerbate Bad Breath

  1. Dairy
  2. Garlic, Onions
  3. Sugary Foods
  4. Spicy Foods

Actions That Don’t Resolve Bad Breath

Before we cover the natural remedies for bad breath, let’s cover things that DON’T work.


  1. The alcohol in mouthwash disrupts the normal flora in your mouth.  Typically mouthwash will kill the probiotic (good) bacteria better than the hardier pathogenic (bad) ones.  Also, by disrupting this precarious balance fungus is more likely to grab a foothold in the mouth (as in the condition Thrush).
  2. Mouthwash is also problematic due to alcohol’s role in increasing your chances of acquiring mouth and throat cancer.  Throw in the food dyes, artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavors and you are looking for a chemical cocktail from hell!  Not to mention mouthwash only masks the bad breath.

If you are going to use mouthwash try these:

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Gum Chewing

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  1. The only benefit of gum chewing is that it stimulates saliva which is a natural breath freshener.  The problem with gum is that most are full of aspartame, a known toxic additive, food dyes, and artificial flavors.  (Sugar-laced gum is hard to find now.)
  2. The only beneficial gum are those laced with the natural sweetener xylitol.  Studies have shown that xylitol actually improve oral health.  The solution is just swish around saliva on your own without the aid of gum.  Also, chewing gum is gauche.  Remember what the Oompa Loompas sang about Violet about excessive gum chewing?

If you are going to chew gum try these xylitol-based gums.

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

Those who don’t smoke, drink alcohol, swish saliva throughout the day, and avoid foods that stink will decrease their bad breath.  But other natural remedies for bad breath exists.

  • Invest in a tongue scraper– The back of the tongue is the largest reservoir of stinky bacteria.  Scraping it at least once a day will help.  (Don’t use your toothbrush to do so.)
  • Oil Pulling, either in the form of coconut, sesame, or olive oils, are great natural remedies for bad breath.  {Read this article about how to do it.}
  • Swish your mouth with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) {Read this article about benefits of ACV}.)
  • Chew on herbs. Chewing on fresh or even dried Mint, Parsley,  Cloves, Thyme, Rosemary, Cinnamon or Tarragon will nicely freshen your breath.   Ayurvedic practitioners have chewed on Fennel, Coriander, or Cardamom as a natural remedy for bad breath.
  • Drinking lemon water.
  • HomeopathyPulsatilla, Mercurius, and Nux Vomica have been used. (Consult a homeopath prior to usage.)
  • Aromatherapy– Rinse your mouth with water with a drop of myrrh

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Consult your health practitioner about underlying maladies that may be the source of your bad breath.  If it is just simply eating the wrong foods and poor dental hygiene luckily those can be remedied rather easily.

Natural remedies for bad breath abound.  It is just a matter of picking the one you want.  So the next time you reach for your pocket pull out some mint instead of chemically-laden toxic mints, gum, or sprays.

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I totally agree with you about the mouthwash and gums! I wish more people would think before putting these toxins in their mouth.


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