Earth’s Natural Antibiotic: The 12 Benefits of Garlic That Will Make Your Body Happy Even If Your Breath Is Not!

by Gregory
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Infamy precedes garlic.  It eminates a “distinctive” odor, it is the bane of teenager kids trying to make-out after eating at an Italian restaurant.  And of course those pesky vampires!  But instead of eschewing this relative of the onion, shallots, and leaks those blood-sucking vampires should pursue garlic as keenly as they pursue the necks of damsels, for the benefits of garlic abound!

Garlic is a plant from the Allium family.  Since time immemorial healers have sought out garlic, like many friends in the fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices realm, for its medicinal benefits.  Why?  They learned from generation to generation what science has now uncovered about it.   Allicin, the active compound in garlic, boasts incredible healing property. In short, garlic is a stinky “healing” grenade!

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Benefits of garlic:

  1. Natural antibiotic and antimicrobial
  2. Reduce blood pressure
  3. Lowers LDL “bad” cholesterol
  4. Strengthens the immune system
  5. Powerful Antioxidant (reduces free radical damage which is linked to systematic inflammation and cancer)
  6. Natural decongestant
  7. Natural anti-pyretic (fever-reducer)
  8. Natural prebiotic food (feeds and maintains probiotic bacteria in the gut)
  9. Anti-ulcer agent
  10. Reduce seasonal allergies
  11. Natural detoxifies heavy metal accumulation in the body
  12. Minimizes bone loss in middle-age people

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Best applications of garlic.

  1. Freshly chopped in any dish that your heart desires
  2. Garlic essential oil may be applied on the chest directly for respiratory or digestive ailments.
  3. It may be applied inside the ear for earaches.
  4. Garlic syrup may be used for respiratory issues.
  5. Fresh garlic juice can be applied to skin fungal infections (such as Athlete’s Foot)


Now you know the benefits of garlic!  Garlic, like turmeric and cinnamon, are phenomenal disease-fighters that you should endeavor to put in all of your foods as a prophylactic or defensive approach to combatting aliments.  However, if you are still feeling our stinky “friend” only implement it when you are feeling under the weather.  Garlic is renown for being nature’s natural antibiotic and antiviral.  Consume it ideally in food, but even garlic pills are relatively inexpensive.

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Marge April 12, 2017 - 11:58 AM

Great write-up! I knew about garlic’s antibiotic effect but not the other stuff.


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