17 Natural Remedies for Burns and Scalds That Will Soothe Your Soul

by Gregory
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(Mother takes cookies out of the oven.)

Toddler Ava:  “Mommy, I want that cookie.”

Mommy Emma: “Okay but wait until the cookies cool.”

Toddler Ava: “No, I want it now!” (As she grabs the hot cookie sheet…)

Mommy Emma: (In horror) “No…..!

Potatoes are an excellent natural remedy.

Burns: Bad…Worse…to Worst!

We are all pretty familiar with burns & scalds either from our own experiences or our children.  Most burns & scalds will be caused by heat, but other burns are caused by radiation (typically the sun), electricity, or chemicals.  The pain of the burn or scald is concomitant with the level of the burn.  1st degree burns typically only damage the epidermis; 2nd degree the dermis, the tissue underneath the epidermis and may result in blisters; 3rd degree burns the subcutaneous layer beneath it resulting in charred, blackened skin.  Some 2nd degree and all 3rd degree burns should be seen by a medical professional.  Hopefully none of you will have to endure the pain of the latter but all of us in one time in our life will encounter the former.  Thankfully, plenty of natural remedies for burns & scalds exists.

So let’s cover some natural remedies for burns and scalds. We here at Naturopathic Earth like to exhaust all natural remedies before reaching for the OTC or prescription varieties.  That being said, the main treatment for minor burns, topical antibiotic (like Neosporin and Sulvadene), are relatively benign since they don’t reach the body on a systemic level.

Overall post-burn treatment for 1st and 2nd degree burns are as follows:

  1. Pour cold running water over the burn until the pain has abated.
  2. Wait to dress the wound until it has cooled down to see how damaged the skin is.
  3. After applying the following remedies, dress the wound and change the dressing often.  Please note: It is not suggested to puncture blisters caused by burns since it might lead to an infection.

Traditional Home Remedies

The following may applied directly to burn and scald.




Though ample natural remedies for burns and scalds exists, 3rd degree burns are very serious and need to be seen immediately.  The outer protective layers of your body, the 1st line of defense from pathogens, has been breached greatly increasing your chances of infection.  Also severe dehydration may occur.  Aside from those rare occurrence, use the natural remedies for burns and scalds.  Have Ava eat some blueberries while you apply the juice to her little “owie.”

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