Things To Purge From Your Life In The New Year

by Gregory
things to purge from your life

New Years Resolutions are a commonplace this time a year. So are the January “Blues.” Perhaps they are connected. We make resolutions to clean up our life to achieve optimal health and well-being but we, many times, ultimately fail. This contributes to higher rates of depression, drinking, unhealthy food choices, and more. Click HERE to learn about the January “Blues.” So though resolutions fail one thing is important, we should endeavor to remove all the pitfalls that hurt our health. So let’s talk about things to purge from your life in the New Year.

Sure we know we need to eat cleaner, less processed foods. As I mentioned in my personal series How I Lost Over 100 lbs. & Kept It Off For Over 25 Years, we know how we are supposed to eat; it is a question of implementing it. We don’t need to hire a trainer or spend loads of money on a rigged diet plan, like Weight Watchers, whose business model needs you to ultimately fail for them to profit. Click HERE to learn more.

So we aren’t going to spend too much time on nutrition in this article. (There are plenty of Holistic Health News {HHN} podcast episodes on clean eating.) The things to purge from your life will focus more on small, actionable steps you can take to minimize your exposure to household toxins that unknowingly undermine your health.

Things To Purge From Your Life

Lie of BPA-Free
Toss out all plastics.


All forms of plastics, not just the much-deservedly-maligned Bisphenol A (BPA), are top on the list of things to purge from your life. BPA is normally Category 7 when you look at the bottom of all plastics they are all labeled, but polycarbonate, PVC, and other types are equally pernicious. Plastics, in general, are hormone disruptors; they release artificial xenoestrogens into the bloodstream wreaking havoc on the endocrine and immune system.

Solution: Purge your kitchen of all plastic containers. Don’t drink any liquids from plastic containers, and most of all, do not warm foods in a microwave using plastic containers.

To learn more, read our articles on 5 Hidden Places of BPA or HHN episodes on plastics.

natural ways to improve sleep
Why can you sleep but I can’t?!

Late Nights

This is high on the things to purge from your life. Unless you work the “grave yard” shift, there is absolutely no reason to be staying up late at night. Sleeping less than 7 hours consistently results in a higher rate of lifelong infections, cancer, obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and general all-cause mortality. To put it succinctly, “Who wants to live a shorter life?”

Solution: Put the phone away and turn off the TV (unplug your router while you are at it). Get your 7-9 hours. Click HERE for natural biohacks to improve your sleep.


In our pursuit of things to purge from your life this one is easier said than done but stress is a big killer. It increases your blood pressure and pulse in addition to oozing loads of cortisol into your body leading to a host of medical maladies including weight gain.

The big thing to remember about stress is that stressing about something is not going to make it better or go away. Put things in perspective. Try to remember “In two days am I going to remember what I am currently stressing about?” A great example would be mind numbing traffic. It just isn’t worth it.

Remember what Jesus said about useless worrying. “Do the birds worry about where they will get their food?” Or something like that. We need to remember that that day in/day out stressors are simply not worth the toll it takes on the body.

Solution: Meditation, relaxation techniques, deep breathing, exercise, and just a whole paradigm shift vis-à-vis stress. Listen to our HHN episode on 5 Ways To Reduce Traffic Anxiety  or listen to Katie’s Apothecary Mindfulness Monday series.

Being Sedentary

50% of British men in their 30s to have ED
Sitting is the new smoking.

Perhaps the most crucial of the things to purge from your life. Sitting is the new smoking. Living a sedentary life increases your chances of getting all diseases. You must “Move the Body, Shock the Body.” Studies even show that those who are sedentary but do mild cardo for 45 minutes a day benefit slightly from the exertion. You go to be moving throughout the day.

Solution: Upright and/or treadmill desks at work, morning/evening walks, pushups during your work break, walks during your lunch break, taking stairs in lieu of elevators as much as possible, parking farther away from your destination, and more. Check out our Non-Exercise Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism for more tips.

Self-Loathing & Negative Talk

Another easier said than done of things to purge from your life is negative self-talk. No doubt, it is easy for most of us to beat ourselves down all the time. Every mistake we make, every step back at work, every rejection from our SO or from the dating pool, it may remind us how horrible we are.

Again, “what is the point?” of negative self-talk? All it does is cause a cycle of self-destructive behavior, such as emotional eating, binge drinking, compulsive shopping.

Solution: Remember none of us are bad people. We are people who on occasion do “bad things” and “good things.” Don’t put the onus on yourself to be perfect; surely nobody else expects it. So have realistic expectations and just tell yourself that you are a good person who, at times, struggles.

Instagram Most Destructive App
Restrict your social media presence.

Social Media

Connected to self-loathing and perhaps one of the hardest of the things to purge from your life is social media. Numerous studies link depression, anxiety, and eating disorders to prolong exposure to social media, in particular Instagram and Snapchat. Why is that? You are comparing yourself to picture perfect “friends” and “followers” who typically only portray a fake sense of themselves on SM.

So when you spend too much time on SM, you begin to think “Well, everyone is happy all the time. I don’t feel happy all the time.” And then the negative self-talk and self-destructive behavior begins.

Solution: Ween yourself off of the most insidious social media outlets (like the aforementioned) and use the more benign ones like Twitter and YouTube or none at all. For more info, check out our HHN episodes on Instagram Rated The Most Destructive Of All Social Media and Social Media Filters Increase Eating Disorders.

Ween off the social media.

Paraben-Laden Cosmetics

Parabens are a class of xenoestrogens that alter the natural homeostatic balance of hormones in the body. Similar to plastics, fluoride in the water, chlorine, and phthalates, parabens are hormone disruptors.

While removing phthalates from your life is rather hard since they are found in furniture and home construction, parabens are easier to remove. They are likely one of the easiest things to purge from your life.

Why? Because parabens are our found in loads of cosmetics and toiletries. They are put in to serve as a preservative. Pretty much every conventional lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, and lip balm have methylparaben, propylparaben, or another sister chemical. Parabens are in all commercial make-up.

Solution: Though this sounds like bad news, the good news is that there are natural alternatives you can purchase on Amazon. Paraben-free of the aforementioned items maybe found there. (I will include a few below.) Paraben-free makeup is available as well, as seen below.

New Year, New Beginnings

There are so many other things to purge from your life to start off the New Year on a fresh footing. These are just a few. Just remember to take things slowly, don’t be too hard on yourself, but yes try to affect true change in your life in this new year.

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