#185: Apple AirPods Emit 60x EMF Radiation Than Plugged Ones

by Gregory

AirPods Emit 60x EMF Radiation. In this episode of Holistic Health News, Gregory discusses the somewhat shocking news that Apple AirPods, the Bluetooth wireless earbuds released a few years back, emit a significant more amount of electromagnetic frequency radiation than both having the phone next to your head when using it as a telephone and conventional plug-in earbuds. We discuss the studies and ways you can overall reduce your EMF exposure in your life.

AirPods Emit 60x EMF

Consider purchasing these EMF Meters on Amazon. One is inexpensive but workable; the other is better:

Great compendium for this episode:

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Apple AirPods Emit 60x EMF radiation. Buy an EMF meter and test it yourself.

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