#166: Energy Drinks: Deaths, Debilitation, Diabetes & Duplicity

by Gregory
Energy Drinks: Deaths, Debilitation, Diabetes

Energy Drinks: Deaths, Debilitation, Diabetes & Duplicity! In this episode of Holistic Health News, we discuss the unregulated anarchy that is the energy drink industry. From Monster to Red Bull to 5 Hour Energy and alike these drinks offer obscene amounts of caffeine and other stimulants. Most insidious, similar to the Juul vaping craze, these drinks have long been marketed to teens in an attempt to hook them to their sugary concoctions. Gregory discuss the innumerable deaths and pernicious debilitations related to these drinks as well as enumerates explicitly the nutritional and ingredient information of a typical drink.

Energy Drinks: Deaths, Debilitation, Diabetes & Duplicity

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Katie’s Apothecary of Essential Oils details aromatherapy.  In its first season, she covered in a simple yet cogent manner, lavender, peppermint, lemon, and frankincense oils.

What do you think about Energy Drinks: Deaths, Debilitation, Diabetes & Duplicity?  Do you drink energy drinks often?

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